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LNB 10750 Dual Output, Dual Polarity - Freeview & Sky Dishes
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To receive satellite signals, you need an LNB (Low-Noise Block Downconverter). The LNB picks up all the signals coming to the satellite dish and filters out selected frequencies and amplifies the frequencies you need. It then sends the required frequencies down the cable to the satellite receiver.

10750 Dual Output, Dual Polarity LNB

This LNB has two F connector outputs, each being an independent output. This means that with a satellite receiver connected to each output, when one receiver selects a satellite service that is on a horizontal TP, it will not affect the other receiver being set to receive a vertical TP.

In New Zealand for the Freeview service, this independence for polarity selection is not usually required as Freeview uses only horizontal TPs.

As Sky also uses horizontal TPs for their PayTV service, polarity is also not usually an issue when using both a Freeview receiver and a Sky receiver on the same satellite dish.

However when using two receivers (both Freeview or one Freeview and the other Sky) on a single satellite dish by splitting the signal, you often end up with weak signal to both receivers - especially if the cable run is over 10m in length (counting both the cable length from the satellite dish to the splitter and from the splitter to the receiver). The simplest way to fix the issue is to use this dual output LNB and run a single cable from one output to one receiver, and the other output to the second receiver. No splitters are used, so the losses are reduced.

This is ideal for situations where you have a satellite receiver in the lounge but also want one in a bedroom. The neck size of this LNB is 40mm, the same as our other LNBs, so it can simply replace an exisiting LNB if you wish to add a second receiver to your home.

Please note that this LNB will not fit directly onto a newer Sky dish as the LNB mount on that dish is for an LNB with a smaller neck size. To fit this LNB you will need to also purchase a replacement LNB holder here.

All of our receivers will operate just fine with a 10750 LNB and this is the LNB frequency that Sky uses.

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